Monday, February 22, 2010

its those time of month when you feel *#^%^!!

kekkeke some said your PMS will get milder when you r married..

noo.. as i get older and married.. my PMS's getting weirder and the feeling is (#&($^&#@!!! I am feeling sluggish... temperamental definitely.. sulky.. etc etc.. and i was about ready to cry a river over a SANDWICH! hiks hiks... its only a sandwich.. and of course.. i can get it anytime i want.. (but of course i want it there and then)

but of course.. I am not wrong nor right this morning! :P

kikikiki anyway..taiping trip had me gained another 1.5kG.. (ok ok definitely need to cry a river), Oh my Dior!!!

now as i sitting at my desk. contemplating on which work to be done first.. i managed to pre-ordered 2 maxi dress (my first time buying clothes.. over the internet) ..

i guess.. need to kiss my branded clothes goodbye (the designed seems to be outdated and the color is just horrendous ).. and say Hello to Internet Cool dresses! hiks hiks But I will NEVER say goodbye to COACH! not just yet.. and the Dior Make-ups.. not yet!!! not yet... and i just cant.. muahahahha

now i need to find a good tailor to make my baju kurung..

p/s: im still drooling over the chanel jumbo.. (istighfar byk byk cik iykin)

oohh.. need to get my hand on Dior Poison hmm tendre or midnight.. keekek

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