Friday, February 05, 2010

:D planning ..

some said.. their life.. has complete once they got married. hiks hiks.. i dont think soo... for me life starts when you got married. Trust me!

i love to plan things altho.. trust me.. the execution may come very poor. ahahaha! but seriously i dont care.. atleast i have plans.. and whether it works or not.. Allah will decide it for me..

anyway... I pray for things to work out as plan... a 3 years break from our 'world' would definitely be good for me and hubby-baby.

i have always missed this place.. and sometimes.. i had this feeling inside of that someday i would comeback.. :) i believe in Allah fate. And if its fated to be.. then Insyallah.. I'll be back.. hiks hiks..
this time around i'm not alone.

hopefully, there would be no more.. cold monday afternoon sitting alone at the george square munching on sandwiches.. with a good hot cocoa in hand.. :D and no more.. lazy sunday.. hiks hiks..

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