Monday, March 31, 2008

me at berjaya....

hiks hiks... the view from my room..... arrived in langkawi approximately at 8.00 pm... i was exhausted from the weekend activities.. (paint the house!) anyway... when your whole body is aching... its not good to travel by plane... i was sick last nite... i was trembling and sweating (ahahahaha agak 18sx bunyinyer.. but believe me its the most horrible thing one can expereince.. take the advise! )

ok.. i was assign to room no. 4133... berjaya resort hotel = HUTAN BELANTARA... i was like ' OMG!!!! you are not going to put me in this place...!!!' to make things worst... the bell boy was asking me two three times whether i am sure of staying there alone!!!! it was in the middle of nowhere.. no one nearby! and its DARK!!!!! hiks hiks.. it only took me 5 minutes before i call in the reception and ask for a room transfer... i practically BEG! ahahah and they let me to change the room! aha! they put me near the executive suites.. with almost-sea-view room! well that is good enuf!!!!!! .. and with my aching heart (yeah!!!! because of that jual ikan boy! yeah you! evil spirit rafiddoi) and my aching body ( i wonder nnt time nak kawen.. sure lagi penat) ... i went to sleep!!!!!!

i will continue later as i need to have my dinner!!!! yeay!!!!! besh besh!!! but i wish baby is here with me!!!

owh i will write about the never-ending-bukit-bendera-jinx!!!! later..
baby.. i love yu and i miss you... and i dunt know what's my finger size is... GO FIGURE!!!!

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