Friday, March 21, 2008

The gardens

TGIF! yep yep.. thank god its friday!... anyway... i wasnt planning to come to work.. but then again i feel a little bit reluctant to abandoned my WORK! hiks hiks i love my job! i love it! crazy over it!

okay.. we went to check out The Gardens @ midvalley! well verdict: 3/5 hiks hiks.
off to buy my perfumes.. i wanted to get myself a Dior Shine... but then the devil has made me buying Dior Shine and Dior Addict 2! OMG! kekeke bebek pun sgt sporting membenarkan saya membeli dua botol perfume itu!

GSC signature premier cinema was up to the expectation, and the Italiannies @ the gardens was something different than the one in the curve (i thnk! keke never been there) here's some picture... its kinda romantic place to have your dinner! hiks hiks

after dinner we went to get baby's nyer perfume lak... he chose Mont Blanc Starwalker! kekeke i like the smell.. sweet but manly! soo... two down! plenty more to go! next.. Love&Co.

anyway.. we wnet shopping at the supposed to be high-end shopping mall.. dgn memakai baju yang huduh2.. sampai org sume takmo layan! kekekeke... fun lah looking at people sometimes!
weekend! saya mau gi tgk F1 and beli bag laptop idaman! hiks hiks............ and buy the rest of the stuff for baby! susah nak pinang anak raja jembal ni!

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