Monday, July 05, 2010

Pearl-Lace ~ after 13 years..

hiks hiks... im finally back at my office.. alhamdulillah.. i dont really want to post out in my facebook or my blog that im away for a whole week leaving my house (*although there are nothing fancy at my house no gold or diamond to steal.. ) but still i felt it is best not to tell that we are leaving our house for a whole week..

I was in perlis last week.. the whole week.. sunday-friday!!! hiks hiks loving it! and hating it at the same time.. somehow i found my self dreading the idea of teaching... *mind you.. lecturing and tutoring is a very tough job*

we left home on sunday morning approximately 11.15 am.. and reached perlis at half past 5.. ok tu... alhamdulillah..

on the way... managed to get ourself reminiscing-old-time- junk-food.... kekekek sambil makan... sambil nyanyi... *nini cekelat celup.. celup celup....* ahahahahha ... still feel the same... tak berubah... cuma mahal je lah skrg ni..

and we decided to stay at Putra Brasmana Hotel.. about 10 minutes from the UniMAP... The room is SMALL ... but i guess... its okay.. compared to the price they are offering.. nothing fancy... as long as the hotel is clean.. and they serve a fair breakfast.. should be enough..

view from my room... tgh hujan tu kat langkawi...

sampai je kat hotel.. baby take a rest sejam 2.. and then terus kerja.. siapkan design for eureka... hiks hiks.. that night... we went to catch some WC action.. of course.. and watch england being beaten by Germany!!! *sigh* sedih anyway... back to my perlis-week... ok day in day out... it was just routine.. 9-5 teaching session... at night after dinner. i continue to do some preparation for my lecture+tutorial.. :p wek!!! PENAT!!!!

+-+-... finally its friday.. i finish up all the syllabus on thursday.. and manage to get the friday off.. hihi... now the fun part... me hubby and daus.. made our way to padang besar on that friday morning...

all the way to padang besar... it was drizzling... sampai padang besar pun still drizzling... hence... abis sume kedai tak bukak lagi... hiks hiks... ada 3 org yang anciously waiting for these kedai to opened... and of course.. me head the pack! mmg gatal2 dah kaki nak beli2 ... duk pandang jam bile lah kedai ni nak bukak!!... nasib baik lah. ada satu kedai duty free baru bukak separuh... ahaks.. separuh pun separuh la... terus masuk.. cuci2 mata tgk cekelat and perfume.. ( errr not in my priority list pun the perfume sebab bulan lepas baru beli perfume.. and baru dapat satu free) .. kekekek sebab bukak separuh je kedai tu round2 pun tak sampai 15 min... baby pun ajak lah minum2 kat small warong apposite the duty free shop...

kalau kat old town ke apa ke.. mesti dah berapa ringgit kan... this cuppa tea cost me 50 cents... sukeeeeeeeeee...... cawan pon standard old town ok... ahaks.. cuma baby je feel sick after drinking the tea.. *perut org kaya mmg takleh nak minum warong*... ahaks..

keke we had only an hour and a half to shop... kekek i got myself a pretty maxi dress... *suke sgt* but i need to buy a cardigan la for this maxi... kalau tak.. ahahahah jadik matleh la pakek baju bare-back.(ahaha mau my in-law hantar surat layang kalau nampak pakai baju bare-back.. puan Y pun mesti kata... anak dara dia ni dah gile) .. tapi nak kena ada wedges... hiks hiks.. mana mau kebas wedges ye... *ok kena survey few places for a wedges.... * atau kasut sneakers coach yang comel tu *tapping fingers.. bile nak bonus ni....*

last sekali .. on the way back... i stopped at my alma-mater.. MRSM beseri... oh welll.. altho im not into that school... but indeed... it was a good place... and i met many good people.. whom i can call friends..

hiks hiks... i had a good tiring time in perlis... met my classmate.. is and bunga.. and am very glad and happy seeing my beloved friends... with their family... after thirteen years.. .. is dah ada baby errysa.. and bunga and ajan (hiks hiks.. ntah bile lah bunga ni tackle si ajan pun tak tau.. are blessed with two beautiful boys) ... im happy for them.. :) ... and i am very grateful for their dinner treat... thank you guys.

from :) perlis indera kayangan 27/6 - 2/7 2010

with luv.

p/s: i love you baby... thanks for accompanying me.. :) hihi... we'll get that vacation of ours soon yer bebeh... now we have to work.

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