Wednesday, July 21, 2010

:) there are rules here...

no offence.. but i would love to know.. those who leave comment on my blog... :) i do not like passing opinion to the wind .. i would love if you have proper identification.. so that i can give my answer and reasons for my writing.. write comments with sincerity and not just pointing out disagreement or to humiliate people... (but at least i got you people to read out my opinion)

comment logically not with hate :) ... i know many smart people out there... someones tell me that i should not spend in an expensive restaurant... and i talk rubbish about the overpriced hospital (again i don't use harsh words in my blog so i hope you people will have some respect by not using harsh words too..)

Yes i agree. rather than eating out at an 'expensive' restaurant, the money should go to those in need... :)

Paying a different 12-20 ringgit for the food and paying a different of 12,000 to 20,000 ringgit for a hospital treatment is soo much different. my splurge on rm20 ringgit food cant pay for another person kidney transplant, but RM20,000 can surely make a different.

or is it wrong?

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