Thursday, July 22, 2010

drawing a fine line

:) i never dreamt of working with or for my husband.. ahahahah maka byk kejadian tarik tarik rambut akan berlaku... but to think on the statement again...

but to think of It is rather stupid to put a professional relationship with a personal one. I have put aside the conventional thought of avoiding working with your spouse.... I think its OK.. to work with your other half... because most of the time... we can make telepathic decisions... he knows what im thinking.. and i know what his thinking...

now that is from my point of view.... let's see whats on other people's mind...

you cant help people perception on you... :D.. It is difficult to live in men's world..

I worked very hard to get to where i am now.. mind you.. my office is full of bery bery intelligent people and successful and all of them are mennn... My opinion is valued now and my consultation is sought after and whats important its valid.. alhamdulillah.. all the hard work paid out.. all the reading, practices and time spent and arguments is all well worth it..

now imagine, if baby is working at the same place... and i practice my likeness to arguments.. you cant really help those people to think that .. ehhh kurang ajar nyer bini dia... ahahahahaha funny kan.. when the argument may about a system configuration.. tiba tiba bini yang dapat nama... kekeke

malay old saying said... no matter how successful a woman, she will always someone's wife (kekek sbenarnye.. macam ni.. belajar tinggi2 pun last last gi dapor gak!!!) ...but a wife.. is a person too... who might be someone that is in the same department with a man that could be her husband...

so where should we draw the fine line? a fine line where men stop looking down at other men because of a woman.. ? a fine line where women stop looking down at other women because of a man.. ? a fine line where women stop looking down at other men because of a woman.. ?

all i can say is.. people need to know to differentiate between arguments on system configuration and arguments on how to behave in front of the in-laws.. hiks hiks... :)

and i think as a wife, all wives in this world.. would give up everything as long they can keep their husband dignity (tapi yelah kadang kadang ada certain things kita tak sedar yang kita dah jatuhkan martabat suami kita.. and tu sebab kadang2 kena grounded.. but suami ada nak bgtau kannn).. and thats why.. most women do not prefer working with their husband.. kekeke its all because of love.. tapi yelah.. selalu nak sedapkan hati ckplah ngan org.. eii taknak lah kerja sekali nnt tarik2 rambut.. (kekek padahal mmg tak kisah pon nak tarik rambut bile lagi.. tapi pk pk.. nnt org kutuk laki kite.. oh mmg tak sanggup)

ahaks.. byk nyer pengorbanan yang harus seorg perempuan buat.. harap2 semua tu berbaloi.. dan masayarakat berhenti memandang rendah pada perempuan..

ok life lesson for a day..

p/s: i will try not to argue with baby this month.. im controlling my PMS.. tapi terlepas kat iereka... ahahahahaha demmm

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