Monday, May 31, 2010

the last day of May.

i was trying to make a daily entry this month! ha ha... good try.. but of course 24 entries.. is a good job indeed.. ekekekke

all's fair in love and war

anyway i had quite a nice weekend.. although the start wasn't that good. ahahaha.. :p i cant contact my husband for 2 hours on Thursday afternoon, later found out that he spent that afternoon with his friend... trying to figure out some sort of mystery .. and i dont really want to talk about it.. haha.. all i can say boys will be boys.. and dont blame them..

anyway.. call me anything... but i am a sucker at relationship... and i tend to be that way... i am independent most of the time.. but i am very needy at times.. i sms'ed my husband atleast 6 times a day atleast ... hahahah and i call him atleast 3 times a day

for me the person u married is the person that you want to live with... and my husband is part of my life... and know what.. we dont really have much time living in this world.... max you can spent your life ia about 40-50 years together... so it kept me thinking... yeah why wait? or why ditch... why must you let the love die and move along with married life. why cant you be in love and stayed married... :) anyway...

i joined this online course on muslim marriage and alhamdulillah.. it helps me a little understanding what is marriage and intimacy.. hihi although i am not a master at it... i whine.. i cry.. i sulk... ahahahah whatever - all's fair in love and war kan?

hehe i love my husband. period. *awwwwww*

appendix o' appendix

my sister had an appendix surgery on thursday (kekekke .. and this means that all of my siblings and my mother doesn't have appendix in their body!) kekekkeke gosh.. i will chew my food! i will chew my food! i will not eat prawn skin! ahahahah!!!... if it has to go.. it has to go!

feeling: saspen! ahahah two years ago it was apis.. last thursday.. kak ni.. huwaaaaaaaa

my aunt flo and the dreaded back pain :(

anyway... aunt flo came yesterday just like a swiss clock! always right on time.. huhuhuhu.... and im not in my best-est mood evah! with all the back pain...and im grumpy and i am sleepy and sluggish.

hmmm. and worst of all... this means.. still no baby for me.

Insyallah will keep on praying.

i think i can swim

hheheh ye lah .. i think i can swim.. not in the right way.. but yeah.. i think i can swim... alalalalalaalla

it has been 2 weeks in a row... i took a plunge into abg adi and leena's pool ... and i think i can swim ahahahahahahha suke suke.


ok two hours of non-stop action! i mean it worth all your rm14 (couple seat yer) !!

and jake Gyllenhaal is. sooo comel!!!

abang is back at no.9

abang is back at no.9 hihihi.. now its mummy's turn to help me taking care of abang! kekekekek sian kat abang.. duk pindah2 aer... stress dah kot. and snowy is somewhat sick... :

my lunch hour is almost up. :)

goodbye May. Welcome June! welcome harry potter and of course my love: Mr. Edward Cullen.

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