Tuesday, June 01, 2010

jUne ~ peeking into summer with some spring smell

i love to smell good! i do... :p i love wearing perfume... hiks hiks.. hari ni with the fleas-money (kekek i like lice better) - duit kutu.. yerp... kami main kutu di office... bukan mlm... kikikikik i went to buy velique and chymara.. my velique dah sampai tertonggeng tonggeng... sebab dah habes.. and the nice thing about body shop... is that... it gives you the freedom to mix and match.. hehehhe here goes my free product review on velique and chymara from the body shop. ( psssttt... i love dior addict, poison and j'adore.. they are always on top of my list and of course... YSL babydoll, and Paris ~ definitely an everlasting smell)

velique: is belong to the flowery fragrance family. The top notes - meaning the first smell when you apply this perfume is of violet leaves, bergamot, red pepper, berries, palmarosa, rose leaves.. hence a rich flowery smell!!!
on the middle notes... you can actually smell rose petals, lily of the valleys and fresh jasmine... i dunno how cyclamen smell.. but it also said that velique has the cyclamen smell in the body/middle notes.. kekek but anyway... you will get to smell the middle notes bout 10-15 minutes.
now, What makes this perfume smell great is the sandalwood
and white musk based note and also sequoia ~ redwood.... i prefer the woody based as it tend to last longer...

now... lets move to chymara - : is belong to the oriental fragrance family. The top notes - meaning the first smell when you apply this perfume is of mandarin, pineapple, berries.. definitely a fruity smell!!!
on the middle notes... : lily of the valley, rose, white lilies
the based notes of this perfume is of wood, cedar, praline, musk, amber
ans this form a very delicious smell of SPRING! hiks hiks..

combine these two.. you will have a wonder! fresh sweet smell of Love! hiks hiks

now good news is.. The body shop is on SALE. rrp of the 30ml edt is RM48, you can get it at RM33.60..

:) enjoy the fragrance people....

p/s: please pray for the pro-palestinian flotilla. thank you.

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