Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Letter to Malaysian Politician

Dear Malaysian Politician...

I am very disheartened by the way you people talk about money as if it means nothing. Millions of ringgit involve in jumping party? oi!! Where do you people get so much money? And what make it worst... you are talking about it with the press... and want us the people to watch in awe..... How you people DEVALUATE money!

Can you please teach me how I can make so much money… and at the same time… SPENDING ALL MY available time looking after the needs of my people (I would really love to do that)… or perhaps you have some time machine… so that you can fully utilized your 24 hours.. WORKING.. (heheheh the only legal way I know for someone to earn money) and at the same time being a so-called leader looking after your people…

Politician…. You are the MAN!!!

I look down in 20 years… and I will not be so shocked that kids will want to be a politician so that they can become millionaires.

Lastly, please do not talk about money anymore (unless you are announcing on people's project or oil rebate and you can get that money at the post office ha-ha)… when you know that your people really know how to count… we are not monkeys...Perhaps... You can demolish education... So that you can at least put a sentiment into our heads… It’s okay… POLITICIANS HAVE THE POWER to GREW MONEY ON Trees yes they do...

Yours truly

A very upset Monkey

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