Thursday, June 03, 2010

between being realistic and reasonable.

hmmm i am in the mood of putting my thoughts on an entry today.

what is it about being realistic and reasonable. :) i have been married for a year now. Alhamdulillah, although it is not as a fairytale would ended... indeed the fairytale has just begun. anyway, just pray for us to be healthy physically and emotionally.

anyway, something has been bothering my mind. about being realistic and reasonable.

French government is going to ban polygamy in its territory island of Mayotte, and says it is for the equality of man and woman. now, being reasonable as it is... the french government is trying very hard to picture themselves as JUST. fair. a human-rights fighter. law upholder... all in the name of reasonable..

but dont you think it is not realistic? banning on polygamy.. while men and women continue cheating on their spouses and having affairs... so who is going to fight for that? while polygamy makes everything in order... and polygamy is not about women being enslaved by the the husband needs for sex. it is about FAIRNESS, polygamy is about being FAIR to each others right. Have they gone through all the syareeah about polygamy? i dont think soo... on the surface it sounded like unjust to women... but think! just think about scandals, affairs etc etc.. perhaps... they only rely on PRe-NUPS to save the women rights.. funny.

i hope i will not get stuck in polygamy.. its not everyone wish.

but i'll certainly blame the muslim men.. :) for having mis-used the term polygamy. :) if they really knew what is installed for them if they failed to be fair to their wives... they will not even dare to commit to polygamy without proper IMAN, knowledge and preparation. nowadays, polygamy for men is about having many wives. FULLSTOP. ahahah it does not end there!! your wife is your responsibility. the offspring of polygamy is your responsibility.. and you have to handle this responsibility well or you will need to answer to God... you will be twicer or thrice-er or quadruple-er questioned more... hihi... so think before you act. can you handle the responsibility? can you give equal love to your wives? oh btw... your wife is not a robot who functions linearly... they are dynamically chaotic... so are you sure you can make them feel ok? your feeling alone does not count...

so i think muslim men out there.. you have the responsibility to make this clear to the world.. that Islam is Fair... Islam is not about prejudice.. Islam is not about oppressing womens right...

I may not be a perfect follower. but I believe in Islam. And i believe in Allah s.w.t and Allah s.w.t. Only.

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