Monday, June 14, 2010

I am Disowning my friends in FB..

ahahahah ok i have had enough!! im disowning them *period*... kekekek sebab hari2 tiap2 pagi.. i will like.. *hah?!! eh kenapa nak tulis ni....* and its not wrong... so im accumulating sins.. thus.. i shud lead myself away from this *&((* FB status.

I see life.. as living it... experience new things.. not by my cdt card limit, nor your desperate statement to find a guy... I know.. life is not something that easy... but of course... putting everything up onto the FB wall is certainly not healthy.

put something like... GERMANY is a beautiful country... Why do MALAYSIAN dRIVERS DROVE LIKE A MANIAC... WORK is TIRING... i have plenty of THINGS to do... kekeke and that is acceptable.. other than that. kekeke keep it!!! keep it to yourself....

:) find the true meaning of Life.... and i think you will be happy.. it is not measured by how much money you have.. but how do you spend your life looking for it in order to live... kekeke *potayto..potarto*

nak pukul world cup posers!!! sebab tak tgk bola pun comment nyer lebih. eh tu salam! ahahahahah *lam... maafkan aku*

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