Thursday, May 13, 2010

hai lah Ariani!

ok ok im still in birthday mood... yesterday... uncle zain.. aps's gm treat me dinner.. and today.. lunch.. one of the director cik leh plak blanja lunch.. hahahahaha hari hari kalau birthday.. esok lusa.. i dont think i can see my toes anymore..

anyway.. i was supposed to do the protection studies.. but to my avail.. i need to do something for tomorows presentation in sabah! hiks hiks... weee me no go sabah! but me have to attend the IEM training on how to write like a pro.. anyway.. good! since i need all the points that i can get for my professional engineer program. i need 50 CPD hours accumulated in 3 years... haih...

kekke anyway, :) today my friend was commenting on ariani's ridiculous price over her FB wall.. hiks hiks and i. as one of the i-think-that-ariani-is-overpriced.. come to agree with her...
i was like.." yea yea... ariani is indeed overpriced.. but i think it works for those who wants to distinguished themselves by brands.." and my friend said.. "yes! agree" then suddenly.. come from nowhere this lady put her comment 'Ariani mmg expensive. The material tu mmg lain sikit...can compare la.. belila time sale"..

and the conversation just end there... ahahahah definitely leaves us speechless.. hihi like material mmg lain sikit.. and does sikit means that you need to pay.. fey hundreds more? aisey... and belilla time sale.. ahahahah kan i dah kata.. if you want to distinguish yourself by brands ok lah... kalau tak rugi... itu je... hihihihihihi maybe lady tu pengumpul tudung ariani yang selalu put up on her FB wall.. how many ariani's yang dia owned... ahahahaha gosh.. wateva..

kekek tapi saya suka tie rack. ahahaahahaahh itupun overpriced.. and i would definitely say.. mmg lah mahal sikit... sebab material dia lain *hik *hiks.. kalau nak boleh beli time sale...

potato (sebut gini.. potayto) potato..(potarto). sama jerk.

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