Friday, May 07, 2010


ok i was like type type type and scribble and scribble and scribble and type and do many things.. yesterday.. and today when i open the file.. i found that there were no changes made!!!! hah!!!!

eh! mana pegi plak? huhuhuhuhuh im so like!!! hey!!! i did make all the amendment!!! where are they!!! *tis *tis *tis... rasa nak nangis.. i check again and again.. and finally i just notice that i was amending the OTHER report!!! hah!! hamek!... multitasking (sgt!!)

haih... i finish the two reports (finally) alhamdulillah today at approximately 3.35 pm... i just need to look into the substation conceptual design!!! next week i am looking forward to finish up the state-grid protection report! OMG!!! i am soooo tired... told my bos that dont bother to bother me this month!!! i want to make baby.. but noooooo!!!!!!! he is not listening!!! instead... they wanted me to finish up everything!!! no colloquium or whatsoever until i finished my work... urgghhhh *jahat*

anyway, the afternoon is up!!! hiks hiks and i am looking forward for a good weekend! i need rest before i turn 30.. and old! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

but 30 is bigger and it start with another number!!!! huwaaaaaaa

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