Sunday, May 09, 2010

i'm writing on SUnday! oh yeah!

:D i am currently reading books on marketing and PR! uuuuuuuu at starbuck borders! teringat zaman di glasgow dulu.. saja gi borders minum starbuck sambil baca baca buku.. yep... i enjoyed those moment... i enjoyed most of my starbucks moment.. coffee and books... and something about the smell that makes you remember about things.

how to operate a coffee shops that gives you comfort?

kekek anyway.. got to read some books and start to write on some proposals.. :D (im doing some pro-bono-publico work for dear hubby... kekekek im still an engineer at heart! ahahah NOT!)

anyway.. few more days to go.. i'll be thirty!! OMG!!!!
tapi alhamdulillah.. 30 years Allah have blessed me with a good life..

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