Thursday, May 20, 2010

:) ok ok.. i am bored

kekek i have a report that need to be completed before the end of month! and i dont even know how to start.. it is almost complete but i dont know how to make a good closure.. a good analysis need a good summary which leads to good recommendations!

the problem is I AM NOT GOOD in protection, everything is soooo hazy.. i knew the theory and the concept but it is very hard to visualize.. i had never seen an operating relay before.. :)

im doing some study on the distance and OCEF protection, I dont think i have any trouble with the OCEF but i do need to know what and what current flows during phase and earth fault in order to understand how the relay works..

and distance protection and the system... omg! its too many and i am definitely lazyy... perhaps i should just concentrate on the course material for perlis.. hiks hiks.. and try to focus on protection later on.. hihihi

i am waiting for baby to take me home.. he is on some discussion.. hopefully it'll ends well... hopefully... Insyallah.

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