Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Eve of my 30rd Birthday.

when most of people said age is not a matter.. for me it does.. :) for me it represent the milestone of your life achievement.

i wish i can go for a holiday and celebrate my birthday. heheheh but celebrating your birthday with around your love ones.. is definitely the best thing evah!

Alhamdulillah, and here i am sitting in my office.. :) felt blessed enough with all the God given opportunity and love.

i am short of one thing for sure.. :) errr two things.. errr actually FOUR! (ahahha sungguh tamak) i want to finish my MSc. and PhD. (before 40 lah nak buek camno.. ), I want to have my Ir. (hahaha yang ni yang paling insyallah.. since .. im halfway there!) and I want children.. hmmm ha yang bab children ni mmg kena beserah pada Allah yang Maha Esa... doaku pada petang hari ku dibawa keduniaMu Ya Allah yang Maha Agung...

I pray that Allah will grant me children, good ones.. who can pray for me one day.. I pray that Allah will not let me be misguided.. and I pray that I can be in my best of Iman so that i will not wear my hijab only at times. pray 4/5 or 3/5 (pukk!! things that i am not proud of.. but i always skipped my prayers).. (not all the time). and I pray that i will the best daughter my parents and in-laws can have and a good wife to my husband.

happy thirtieth dear me!

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