Tuesday, May 13, 2008

now.. its not in chronological order!!!!

owkay.. haf to admit.. i am writing the blog not in the chronological order! i wonder if theres such a blogging code that requires you to blog everything in chronological order... hmmmm ...... heck! dunt care! i still have plenty of things to write.recent events.. past events.. coming events.. my thoughts... ! everything will be detailed here! anyway!... moi birthday.. was perfect! last year i celebrate my birthday meeting abah and umi for the first time!

This year.. i was with baby watching man u winning te epl title... owh... and i love my watch! cukup blink-blink nyer (oh gosh there goes the makcik blink blink in me again... i'm a BLINK BLINK MONSTAH! cant help it tho!..) i need frosting!

the conference in jakarta was superb (err ye ke?) its was owkay! i enjoy the scenery and the light feelings of having not much of obligations (like those feelings i used to have when i was in glasgow) ..

mind the pictures.. i am not a digital camera owner... dunt care if i dont have 1.. but rite now... i have the instantaneous needs for a NICE BIG camera!... owh.. pictures aove is the scenery from my hotel window! nice eh...
i stayed at the atlet century hotel which are very near to the sultan and closed to the istora senayan.. my room is facing the stadium.. a mini golf park, a jogging park and a baseball field!
alamak... perut dah lapar! need to get something to eat!.. (oh btw.. i am writing this blog... while sitting on a semi-pink chair.. in my baby's office! how cool is dat?)

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