Monday, September 22, 2008

happy 2nd anniversary baby!

Happy Anniversary baby!
hiks hiks i think i have already told you my love sonnet the other day (day before before before yesterday)
I'm not cool.. and i am boring too..
1. always listens....
2. who calls first and the last one to hang up
3. who always offer to pay
4. opens my own door
5. talk too much and shares my problem
6. cries while watching silly things over the telly
7. i dont plan things nor surprises
8. i have bad taste in fashion
9. i hate to comb my hair
10. i nag
i am not perfect baby.. but thats me.. and i think i will not change not even in hundreds years
there are many ways that i can be pretentious.. but believe me... it will not be me at all
i love you! and thanks for 2 wonderful years!

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