Monday, April 11, 2011

happy 2nd anniversary darling.


kau dan aku pasti begini
menempuhi onak dan duri
suka duka bersamamu
dan y
ang pasti aku kan disini

kau dan aku harus begini
menempuhi setiap hari
senyum tawa air mata
dan barukan sempurna

i love you.

eceh,,, hiks hiks entry yang agak lomantik kali nih

well... its our anniversary... something that worth being lomantik about..
dont you agree..

hiks hiks...

nothing much actually,

we spent the day at the hospital for my routine ceckup!
with a very surprising news..
gonna deliver the baby next week.. Insyallah.. 20/4
oh oh..

a definite turn off..

ingat kan still got time to berpoya2

oh well! cant wait for me baby!!!

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