Tuesday, April 19, 2011

are you ready b? lets go and get 'em!!!

the fact that i am very anxious about wednesday i am also very excited. I cant wait to hold my baby in my hand.. and start a new phase of life with my hubby. AHaks.. now i dont want to think about getting pregnant again (not in the very near future) but i do want to have LOADS of children.. (hiks hiks... lap peluh tu baby) .. and so .. wednesday will marked a new day in my life, Insyallah. I am praying for a safe delivery

anyway :) today.. me and hubs went to catch a movie and do some groceries shopping.. lepas ni nampaknyer kena dating bertiga..

went to catch RIO today. Definitely in love with the story... hihihi i wish i can write a lot about the story and our outing activities. But i am very tired .. signing off the day..

Tomorow hubs and i are planning to do a Little bit of cleaning and resting before the big day.

I would like my hubs to know, that i appreciate him very much. for being there with me.. and for putting up with my ridiculous emotions lately and for being so patient.

I love you babe and i am sorry for all my wrongdoings, i want to be your pillar of strength as much as i want you to be my protector.


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