Wednesday, December 29, 2010

life lesson: women n pregnancy

i have been praying/trying/hoping to conceived since october last year... and always in contact with my friends.. whom share the same dream like me. one is my best friend back in my schooling years and another is my neighbour. we will share tips.. hopes and dreams on how to get pregnant.. of course... these two got married.. much earlier than i was.

and looking at my sister's condition.. she took more than 4 years to get pregnant and all the hussle and bussle she needs to get through.. got me panicked at times.. and wondering whether i need/endure the same thing like her

All praise to Allah the almighty, i found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant in August this year.. All praise to Allah.. i am grateful and alhamdulillah..

the thing is.. my old friend seems to distant herself from baby conversation and all.. :)

and thus this entry came along... :)

women out there... being pregnant is all women rights.. its no one exclusively rights at a time.. :)

i am 10 weeks later from my husband's cousins - i appreciate her overwhelming respond and welcoming gesture to the motherhood club! nothing beats the feeling of you r not all alone experiencing this.. and learning that 7 weeks later my sister in law too got pregnant - my respond was - elated!! i am so happy with the news as i knew that she has been praying and trying soo hard to get pregnant and so i too welcomed her to the club.. and i still share tips and knowledge and everything about how to get pregnant with my neigbour... :)

but i do kept my pregnancy a secret to my hubby's friend.. his wife has been trying soo hard and she has been telling me how sad and lonely she was and she too i always confided in talk with in terms of getting pregnant a.. i took sometimes.. before breaking the news to her... but Allah knew my intention and grant me ease in breaking the news to her- hubby's friend adopted the most beautiful baby girl and so i broke the news.. the day i visited her and her new beautiful baby girl.. :) but one thing got me overwhelmed.. she told me not to pity her (i wasnt underming her.. it is more towards respecting one feeling) - she said.. she is more than happy to learn about my pregnancy and she is fine about everything... she told me that pregnancy is a good thing... (alas i learnt my lesson.. :)... i will not undermine a woman again.. such a beautiful creature with a kind heart)

learning about these ladies pregnancies.. has made me more confident and happier about being pregnant... because its their right to be pregnant and so does i...

so women out there, lesson learn from this is that, dont feel sad or feel left out if you are not pregnant yet... your time will come and if its was meant for you to get conceived that Allah will grant you what you always wished for... and when people close with you get pregnant! share the happiness and not sulking over and pulling a 'you are stealing my lime light drama' ..

and speaking about rights... all i can think the right thing that we can do for preggers.. are well wishers.. not condemning her about how frequent one got pregnant nor.. talking/gossiping about preggers going over board with pregnancy and expecting babies preparation. they are the one who has to bear all the hardship and no one has rights other than wishing the very best for these people...dont shook your head if you learn that a person has already bought infants clothing at 3rd month of her pregnancy -haha.. (one of my friend in sabah.. started wearing her maternity dress at six week of pregnancy and she was showing off around telling that she is pregnant!.. haha- funny beautiful story indeed)

be supportive because it is not easy being pregnant.. be loving... and more important.. dont be judgemental... enjoy and celebrate the gift of Allah.. even if its not your turn yet.. and with Allah's will - He will grant your own child..

to preggers out there... enjoy this moment... and pray for the well being of our sisters out there.. so they too can feel this feeling sooner or later.. (i read somewhere that Allah will grant the dua of a pregger)

good luck..

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