Thursday, December 23, 2010

his birthday!

17th December 2010

yeah.. its the day... its hubby-baby 28th birthday.. hiks hiks.. alhamdulillah.. and we get to celebrate today together.. :) . started the day go going to pejabat kadi klang! ha! jeng jeng jeng!!! i took the day off today by the way... to spend time with dear hubby.. - Finally! we got our marriage certificate! mr. and mrs sanchez are officially married y'all... h
aha! well... kenalah leter kejap ngan pakcik kat pajabat kadi tuh... and whats even worse.. pejabat kadi klang sampai dah tukar bgnan!!! ahahahahah *dush* and the marriage slip has changed too... isk isk isk... betapa lamanyer kitorg ni dah kawen and tak gi amik2 sijil nikah tuh.. now.. boleh lah dah nak frame sijil kawen.. hihi...

oh oh... sebab bgn awal sgt! and pejabat agama dah berpindah... and its friday.. tepaksa lah hubby baby campak ke Jusco bukit raja while waiting for him to performed the friday prayer... hihi dah sampai ke Jusco nih.. apa lagi.. sempatlah dapat beli long pants untuk baby! hihi (okeh berseluarlah anak gue.. ahaha before this ada baju je suar takdak..).. i bought 2 long pants, 1 baju and 2 pairs of mittens and booties (written i'm adorable and i'm genius! ahahahahaha)

that night... its the closing of my 3 days planned celebration! (since i cant drive these days.. it is very difficult to go n get anything for hubby.. so i decided i splurge on food! hiks hiks) next year lah ye sayang.. i get you something nice.. Insyallah.

wings over buffalo!.. hiks hiks ni sebenarnyer im the one yg mengidam.. ahaks but its the best.. as compared to roma's and TGI's
mine! mine.. fish!

hubby and his 10oz rib eyes..

and the finale!... i tasted this one a bit. since i'm on my sugarless diet..

16 December 2010

I asked baby... what he wants for dinner tonight.. and he mentioned nasi padang!! so OFF to PUTI BUNGSU we go!!!.. its located in jalan Yap Kwan Seng KL..

skrg dah ada byk kedai masakan padang.. sari ratu n etc.. but we liked it here.. sebab ayam pop nyer mmg rasa original mcm kat Indonesia.. :) ( i missed jakarta) and the venue is somewhat clean and cosy... :)

hihi... we were stuffed that night.. and its affordable!! :)

what we were having that night...

ayam pop!...

oh oh... before that...
some surprises untuk baby during breakfast.. haha i knew he loves both nutella and peanut butter..

so day before.. gi jalan ke tesco jap.. and get those things..

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