Monday, December 13, 2010

malacca, an engagement and something else..

alhamdulillah! alhamdulillah! alhamdulillah... syukur.. finally my baby cousin-sister is engaged!
hiks hiks... and i love to be part of it... i love her and how she has grown.. hiks hiks.. and that tells me that i am gettin wiser (ahaks not older... but i dont mind being old.. its a good thing)

anyway... reached malacca at 3 pm.. (ah well travelling with adhwa can be a wholesome.. but its ok..) we will have our own munchkin soon.. and it will double wholesome for puan yasmin's family ihiks!!!...

.. reached malacca.. we went to uncle's apartment, have lunch.. then start finishing bib's hantaran... :) very tense night! BUT I LOVE IT.. i love it when hubby baby mixed well with the klang's-clan! hiks hiks.. i love you! and yes... i may forget these things when i'm angry.. but i appreciate you!

the day come.. thank god kak noni was superb at making sirih junjung! uish! sgt sgt... best that morning! finally all the hantaran finished on time.. and i like the final result.. the hantaran was ok.. takdelah hodoh.. and takde lah extraordinarily cantik..

my 5-months bump and cousin baby-sister bib! .. (*awwwww u were so small back then...)

that night we went to jonker walk.. to experience malacca scenic pasar mlm!... got myself a very pretty fridge magnet.. hihi... 3/4 the way... monster-adhwa.. was very cranky... hahahaha malacca was entertained by his screeching voice that night...

the next day... we went to a-famosa for a morning-to-afternoon walk.. and then went on to kak ngah's place.... - big apple... hiks hiks... Thanks kak ngah for the donashi + ice lemon tea.. weeeee
semoga murah rezeki...

on the way back.. we went to alor gajah for the famous rojak.. nyum nyum!!

:) it was a very succesful weekend with family and love ones... wedding bells next year!

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