Friday, September 24, 2010

I never fancy electronics gadget.. i wonder why..

hahahha other than playing chop-chop ninja and piyo block.. and of course updating my facebook status.. i find I-pod is a dull gadget...

simply i think my life is full of other exciting things other than having to compete with the universe with whose owning the latest gadget and what not.

i myself.. never bought a phone for literary myself. haha. of course.. i pay for a communication fix line to get a phone back in uk.. but never bought a phone for an existing line.

but a dull gadget is good for dull moment for e.g. when i always stucked in the airplane ... or stucked in the middle of baby's never ending childhood friends chatting ... (ha ha cowie baby... sometimes it can be a dull moment for me lalalala)

today i-phone 4 is in the market.. and i say many status in the facebook.. wooing for 1... hiks hiks... i wonder what will these people do.. keeping up with the technology?... or perhaps... keeping up with a trend.. ( i dont think the technology is important here... ) or maybe.. nowadays.. there are more dull people/moment around... so people need dull equipemnt to cheer up their days...

one of the closest example.. is one of baby's friend.. complains about how less attractive his blackberry as compared to an i-phone. Ha-ha... funny moment... he doesnt even subscribed to a blackberry service... one need to know that blackberry is to serve a business community... (but facebook has dominate it original purpose... blackberry is now an entertainment gadget.. for ym's and facebooking... ) - my point is.. you see what i meant : are they buying the gadgets for the technology or just want to keep up with other people?

ah well... live life to d fullest.. enjoy every little and big things that you want to do ...

i just hope one day... my children will appreciate life.. as much as i would... which is not keeping up with the trends too much... but whats more important is to live as a unique person.. who knows what she/he needs rather than copying on what other people's are doing..

trend doesn't build a character, but character can be a trend-setter!

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