Wednesday, October 27, 2010


(death always makes me reflects on my life... the sudden past of my beloved mentor really had taken a toll out of me.. )

Love is a gift from Allah s.w.t, its a feeling that nobody in this world can described... :) My marriage is just like any others in this world... hihi its not all about a walk in a park.. we struggle a lot.. fight a a lot.... loving and missing each other.. and spending most of life together.. :)

hubby-baby is not home.. and i'm hubby- sick.. i miss him... i miss him when he is not around... and this feeling is good.. it is a sign that everything will be okay... amidst of all the hurdles that we are going to through...

for me... love is the base of any good relationship.. everything will work out from Love.

kekekek i want him to be around i dont want him to be around i want him to talk to me i dont want him to talk to me i want him to work but i dont want him to be away too long.... ahahahaha

its a love hate relationship.. but i still love it.

balik cepat bebek. I'm bored.

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