Monday, October 18, 2010

down with flu..

i'm at home.. today.. down with flu.. :( cedey jer.. when one cannot consume any medication.. hihi...

but im enjoying my day staying at home today... hubby came back.. with the world most wonderful remedy!... burger king whopper... :)) - what a bliss - thank you baby.. semoga dimurahkan rezeki mu selalu.. dipermudahkan urusan di dunia dan akhirat... *wink*

so what do one do.. when one is down with flu?

One watch TV!!! miahahahaha and SLEEP!... i watched chef wan series on the AFC.. uuuu i'm looking forward in making Ayam percik ala kelantan.. macam sedap aje.. :) *wink*

and browsing through some italian recipe.. connoli's and canneloni.. ok fine.. i love to cook *period* one of the girlish passion i have.. other than sewing.. and doing craft.. hiks hiks.. even hubby pun tau skrg that i love doing craft

oklah enough of things.. nak mandi.. and sambung merindui sang suami..

*i am one pathetic very dependent wife*

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