Saturday, October 02, 2010

Welcome October!!!

:) dah bulan 10 dah... tup tap tup tap... kejap jer masa berlalu... its saturday and im sitting in front of the telly.. melayan perut n tekak yang tgh tak berapa nak best nih... :( i have been all down sick for a while... cepatlah sihat.. amin

kinda worried about my work.. my deteriorating health is not helping... scheduled to be in KK next week but i still havent finish with the report.. i havent even start on it yet... haih... lately i found myself rather Lame.. boring...

anyway speaking about work.. i came across a good quote..

Surround yourself with people who take their work seriously, but not themselves, those who work hard and play hard.

kan... if we are surrounded with people who doesnt even take his/her work seriously.. they will drag us together with them to the loserland... :) - this is very true... i happened to witnessed this myself...

anyway.... i am more interested in the play hard part... haish... skrg taktau nak main apa... bila dah kawen ni.. i dont get to do many things.. hmmm just because hubby is not into things that i love to do... i got reason for not having too much friend.. i was raised that way... :)

hahahah he is not even a morning person... nasib baik sebelum kawen sempat gak buat mcm2... for example... I finished a 10km shah alam run... (in which my hubby will never do it in a 1000 years) . I love morning... kekekek.

hubby is into golfing... nak tak nak join je lah.. boleh lah nak kecikkan pinggang yang kecik2 ni.. huhuhu... urgh I'm bored.. i am turning into a BORING-MONSTER!!! i am not whining.. but rather enlightening myself on things that i can do for myself..

okeh.. think!!!!

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