Friday, March 18, 2011


If money is the only motivation for someone to work then Life would be very much meaningless. - wasted almost 8 hours/day. - Put in some Passion and Learn to really take Notice of what you r doing. :)

throughout my life.. I only managed to met few people who puts passion in their work.. My late Dr.Saleh, My Power system lecturer - En.Mustafar Kamal and my Husband.. They have this special characteristic..

Dr.Saleh and his time and endless effort in power system study.. he does not really care how much time he has to spent.. to generate ideas and solutions to the power system community.

En. Mustafar Kamal.. - He does not care if he is not a professor, a doctor or whatsoever... he has this passion in developing well knowledge engineers.. hihihii

My husband - He is a SNAIL! it bothers him if his work is not to his liking.. haha.. I could not understand him.. but i guess whatever makes him happy.. is ok with me. :)

as for me... I like what i'm doing at the moment.. and at the same time.. the work pays! ahahahah

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