Saturday, August 08, 2009

grave of the fireflies

ah.. i cried.. i cried over a stupid anime.. but it was soo touching.... :(

well my saturday is almost finish.. clean up the house in the morning.. do little sulking here and there.. kekekek hmmm i throw a tantrum over baby last nite over a silly joke!.. but then again.. (maybe i'm a bit overboard by sulking too much).. but hey.. i am not those people who enjoy watching the telly.. (too much).. i watched certain movies.. or drama or sitcom.. which i think attracts me.. other than that.. i am not that into television shows...
anyway.. i am sorry baby. sgt... for being such a pain in the ass... :) i know it is very hard to cope up with my little tantrums.. sulking.. drama.. but you are not making it easy for me too.. hihihi
anyhoo... i love you to bits.. and you know that kan..

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