Monday, August 03, 2009

bai bai bali...

bai bai bali
its not that we are blacklisted from the immigration
nor we havent got the ticket..
but because tuesday and friday meeting!
and baby's got his own matter to settled
plus the increasing number of H1N1..
we decided not to gamble the future..
and here i am.. in the office..with abundance of work to do..
and still...
i procrastinate! muahahahahahhahah

and here i am.. enjoying my bali coffee (thanks to uncle dear)
in my office in shah alam.. kekekkeke
bai bai bali

p/s: got urgent sms from airasia.. the flight has been postponed from 3 pm to 7 pm... ahaks... its a good indication that i have make the right-not-so-right-but-its-okay-decision...

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