Tuesday, October 02, 2007

dinner at hartz's

errr...... ONE WORD!!!! OVERCROWDED!!!! details will come later... as of now i will recuperate from the long queve at the restaurants... (but indeed it is still worth for money... no one can deny and the chicken wings are still the best in town!!) kekekeke

I want that cat doll at starbuck soo much!!! i may even try to plot a robbery to steal that damn cute monster!!!!! i want it!! i want it real badly!!!!! had a caramel machiatto right after the dinner at hartz... caffein is the world's cure to everything ngahahahahahah!!!!!

then me and baby, went to look around the new wing at sunway pyramid!!! gosh! it is such a sight to see... every detailing of the new wings is just perfect!!!! kekekekke i may now want to change my fav hanging spot to pyramid instead of the curve!!!! can ah baby?

owh... i must stop now... need to plan a doll-nap! kekekek i want it but afraid mommy wud kill me for buying more toys!!!!

i love my JOB! i love mommy!!! i love baby!!! i love FOOD!! I love starbuck! (aduh sound too superficial!! kekekeke)

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