Monday, January 21, 2013

The return of the demented penguin

Yes! The demented penguin is back! Hihihi alhamdulillah the incredible mr.K will be abang in few months time.

How was the pregnancy so far? Quite different from the first one. Was sick all the way to 2nd trimester. Not enjoying it at all.. With mr.K tagging along like my own shadow mengalahkn saka budak kecik ni.. Followed me everywhere i go.. Everything serms crowded! Sian mr.K.

Not eating well. Dont have the appetite plus not gaining weight, aisehhh pity pity little baby. Mummy promise mkn byk dikit k little baby.

Anyway... I'll keep you people posted.. Right now nk survey diaper bags. Hiksss.

Oh oh.. Its freezin here!!!

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