Friday, September 06, 2013

Busy i am

As Salam lebaran buat semua!!

Busy mummy i am, oh well i really didnt mean to stay this quite.. But i am struggling.. With one boy n a girl life very much revolves around them only. I do envy those supermums who are able to do soo many things and look as tho they have fulfils their babies basic needs. I found both of my children require my attention 247 and never seems to have enough of me (eceh!) so how do you cope? Going out with gf's spa time n shopping?  

Anyway, i m in malaysia now.. Spending my maternity leave and will be going back home (yes! Glasgow is my home now...)  

Will write more. Something interesting caught my eye last month. Hehehe.. 

Meanwhile.. Here she is. My moon. 

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