Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Single digit weeks to go

I really dont like to talk about my pregnancy.. Its not me really.. I do enjoy being pregnant tho.. I love having the wee one kicking tossing n turning.. And the oh-so cute hiccups.

Here i am.. Counting weeks before my second child surface the earth. Oh Allah, please make her the most beautiful child ever.. Beautify her with good heart.. And let her be an obedient daughter. Amin.

Anyway.. Second pregnancy is far more tiring than the first one. Fr far more tiring because you have to do loads more.. With the wee man around. ;)

I hope kaliq can adopt well with his sister. I'm really hoping that.. ;)

Anyway. Need to sort some hospital bag thingy things...

Errr and yes i have this bag in mind.... Bahahahahhahaha

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