Tuesday, September 01, 2009

busy queen bee

i have been busy! really busy.. been up and down everywhere! and havent had the time for blogging let alone doing anything for my ownself.

life in APS seems too hectic lately, i am tired, bos is tired everyone is tired.
cut my hair.. it was a disaster! -period- let me sum up on things that happened last week.

iftar at mommys:
hiks hiks.. alhamdulillah.. iftar @ mommies is a must. But this year there were only me and hubby and kak ni and abg shahrul and adhwa. apis was missing. Uncle.. i dont think he will come to no9 without any solid reason anymore.. haih.. hopefully things will get better between him and mommy. kekeke anyway, i have been stop drinking sugary water, and eat heavy carbo,, even mommy is with me this time.. she doesnt make any effort in shoving food into my mouth like she always does (explains how fat i am)

(kekeke food presentation kat rumah mak datin mmg cenggini.. kekeke)

4th day of ramadhan - sabah:
kick-off meeting @ 2.30 pm in sabah. i opted for a day visit to sabah.. no way.. i'm going to spend sahoor alone.. hiks hiks.. i have been working extra hard during the weekend (deadlines on the areva project).. i was barely awake on my way to KLIA.. bos was driving.. talking about plans for the meeting.. and my mind was drifted soo far.. i could not remeber any single thing from him.
oh oh.. i was not feeling well over the weekend.. so i was travelling with a congested nose.. i cud not take the flight preasure.. which resulting a bloody-nose-business in KK.. but other than that.. everything seems fine (oh.. i am not that keen with the person whom i'll be dealing with in sabah). bought sabah prawns. with one and only one intention in mind! :D sahoor with hubby-baby

(with only two hours of sleep.. up and about between malaysian peninsular and the borneo island.. nose bled.. i managed to cook this.. wah! ahaks.. impress impress)

disasterous haircut!!!:
i hate myself when i am in a beauty parlour! i was like.. ok ok yes yes ok ok.. no problem.. ended up with i am fully unsatisfied with my hair!!

oh!! i hate my konon-konon layered haircut.. my original plan was to get some big curls.. ended up with rambut aunty jual ikan!! eeiissssshhhhh sakitnye hati..

( i have decided to let the back side of my hair stays in a bun.. till it is long enuf)

.. okay.. i am ta the very point of sleep-typing.. hiks hiks will write more tomorow. a promise to my self. ahaks

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