Monday, September 28, 2009

hihi.. Raya! raya!

Backlog on entries... I figure I might just sum it up. :D

This year we try to spend in moderate for ramadhan.. :D for the past years.. I have been breaking fast with baby and the APS people (since there’s no one at home for me to break fast with)…Was with Baby’s friends @ Tropicana on the 12th, APS on the 14th and unofficial APS on the 14th.. It was great... I was busy with work until Friday… L oh.. I think that APS has taken a whole lot more out of me..



Anyway.. RAYA peeps!! Raya journey to Kemaman was definitely tiring.. all u can see (ahahahahahah sure baby sakit hati baca ni.. I was actually sleeping ¾ of the way).. reword.. all I can see whenever I opened my eyes was CAR! Cars everywhere!!!! (nakKena kumpul duit lah nak beli helicopter.. senang sikit.. baby citer arwah pak su ya dia dtg naik heli je.. so tak payah nak redah jam.. berapa ringgit ye sebijik helicopter.. ahahahaha DREAM ON!.. )Anyway, Spend early of the night with Mommy in Klang.. and the rest of my family..

the happy lot of no.9

cars... cars.. and more cars..

IN kemaman.. Things are not much different. Maybe because there’s only me,baby umi n abah.. : D all my in-laws are spending their raya at their spouse’s place. Umi actually ordered most of the Raya feast so there’s not much to do… she only prepares the kuah kacang for the satay.. And a wee bit of rendang.. And here comes my RAYA DISASTEROUS ATTEMPT in SABOTAGING my MIL Rendang ..(hiks hiks my mother in-law now finds out why on earth.. I don’t cook when my mom n sis around).. she asked me to prepare the ingredient for rendang and kuah satay.. (in which.. they are almost the same.. except for few condiments je) .. I sway through the kitchen.. lalala here n there.. Gallantly I told her.. ok everything dah siap.. 5 min later she asked me.. wheres the ingredient for kuah kancang? OMG!!! I was soo into rendang.. I blend the kuah kacang and rendang ingredients together!! Eiissshhh… kesian my MIL.. Kuah kacang dia tak sebest selalu… and the rendang had too many ingredients.. here are some pictures taken in kemaman..

hiks hiks with koki.

its his 4th nasi dagang!! oh baby.. 6! nasi dagang in a day!

First raya without your own family, was hmmmm.. it was ok.. although my family do spend the raya differently.. Usually in the morning we went to the mosque for Raya prayer, then off to the cemetery, then of to nek esah (my late grandmamma bestfriend) then breakfast.. then .. mama tido.. apis tido.. ahahahha I watch the telly.. kak ni off to the inlaws.. Later in the evening baru kelam kabut.. Getting ready for the sg.udang clan to came, the nek esah clan.. SAME ROUTINE EVERY SINGLE YEAR

(oh.. i wish i was there .. the ladies and makciks of sg.udang clan)

3rd raya in Klang, 4th raya in Melaka.. then the day the before yesterday.. with papa ANYWAY..i am in still my raya mood

bits from mak ets wedding in malacca
oh oh.. umie aida is marrying baby's mak teh's son... uuuu interesting

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