Friday, August 13, 2010


kekekek subconsciously i switched off the alarm and continue to sleep... ahahahh which resulting into a 5.30 sahur.. with yesterday's dishes.. nasib baik ada lagi lauk and nasi for hubby-baby... :( aiseh.. ahahah baru hari ke3 dah ada pecubaan untuk tidak bangun sahur.. *bad iykin.. bad bad iykin*

ahaks.. sorry baby.. anyway... i think i willl try not to buy lauk at pasar ramadhan anymore.. my stomach went cranky.. baby's stomach went cranky.. and my tonsilseems to have swollen a bit..

doing work from home is okay for me sometimes.. less disruption..

ok.. things to do today

1. siapkan course material for next week..
2. pastu rasa macam nak buat karipap!!! hihihihihi

will update later...

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