Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Its a ritual for me to wake up early and sit in front of the TV on 31st August.. haha teringat masa kecik2.. arwah nenek and atuk will ask us to watch the parade.. it may sound too unreal but we will clap and cheer in front of the telly .. haha and remembering everytime the retired armforce contigent passed by my grandfather will just mimicking his friend faces and tell them to get the hell off the street.. they are about to die.. haha! and this happened almost every year

I have a very condusive home growing up.. my grandparents are the best parents i could have.

anyway, back to my merdeka story.. I took part in the merdeka parade in the year 1993! I was thirteenth that time.. and it is such an experience I will never forget the heart thumping.. with sense of pride and the urge untuk tak main lagu sumbang and not to trip jatuh bergolek depan Agong haha!!!

well time flies.. when mommy came back.. i thought living abroad for gejellion years will make her different from my grandparents.. but no..i think we were born patriotic.. mommy loves going to the merdeka parade.. she feels alive.. and dgn duduk bersila with her slr (ok dslr x lagi in 1999 ok kalau ada pun ntah kat celah mana) she capture all the sweet moment passes her by... :) *sweet*

today, i still found myself sitting in front of the telly again.. awestrucked with pride! with the best merdeka celebration ever.. and i witnessed the first national day
celebration indoor!! ~ alhamdulillah.. Allah masih berikan kesempatan for me to wake up and live for another Merdeka day..

what i have noticed today.. and every other merdeka day is that... yang masih berkobar2 dan bersemangat (secara sukarela atau paksa rela.. ) are still mofe malays... dan armforce kita juga masih didominasi oleh kaum melayu

dalam sibuk2 some of the political parties requesting untuk hak kerakyatan yang sama rata.. I will never found myself agree with that..not until the day when chinese, Indian and other races are willing to work and shed their blood for Malaysia..

note to evil racist-politician: we have been sharing this country for soo long.. so let us be..

anyway, my baby said.. we will only be Satu Malaysia.. if orang melayu berhenti sifat dengki n bodoh sombong, the chinese stop being sellfish and the indian stop oppressing other indian

and for me selagi hayat dikandung badan.. Malaysia tetap Negaraku..(altho sometimes mmg dah give up with the stupid politics ~ i could not find a better place to call home)

ah well people.. enjoy your day!:) i'm not racist.. but im just telling the truth


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