Tuesday, August 03, 2010

:) trying to be COOL...

:) i was giving some advice to my so-called 14 year old niece - telling her not to dwell too much in puppy love.. hahaha actually i have no plan to give her the advice.. but last sunday.. when i was at mommie's she told me that the girl grandmother ask my mom to talk to the girl.. stop social networking in the internet... she's failing all of her paper.. aisey..

so yesterday.. when she wrote something sounded like a twenty year old woman giving up on love.. i just told her to stop panicking about love. about a boy... she is wayyy to young... enjoy the time being young.. make loads of friend.. try every thing (that is healthy) and learn as much as she can... *sigh- sometimes.. i wish to tell the youngsters.. not to waste their time in a virtual world...*

(ha-ha... im out of the youngsters leg already.. i have had my share and i have selected friends and community i want to be in)

anyway.. suddenly come this lady (her father-side relative .. ) commented.. "Cayalah ***!"...
OMG!!!! you do not support a 14 year old girl like that!! !!!! kekekek perhaps the lady (ehem.. she is also my age) nak sounded cool...

you can be cool.. but sometimes... people need to be responsible.. being cool today.. will not help her in the future.. what i'm worried... at the end of the day.. this trying to be cool people are those who will give 'teruk betul budak ni' comment without feeling guilty at all! pastu nt ckp.. tu lah ni lah budak besar takde mak..

sigh. typical soo typical. but what to do.

ladies.. stop being cool tak bertempat.. (*ahahah tapi nnt nampak cam sombong... aisey thats me.. how?* - like i care.. all i know.. this is all that i can do to help.. i will not support youngsters yang in love sampai taknak belajar.. no way!! they are somebody's children.. yang satu hari menjadi harapan mak bapak..)

i have made a lot of mistakes during my youth time.. but i try my best to learn from it.. as i said i am only human. That girl could not help not to fall in love.. and she is only human too... but at least with older people showing the right way.. she can make a good decision and experience those feeling in a better way (and not failing exams).. I hope.

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