Monday, August 09, 2010

one thing that im not ...

i may of many things... but 1 thing that i am very certain that i'm not.. Im not too LAZY.. hiks hiks..
:) ..

Now lets look what is Lazy is all about... from cikgugel fren laziness is DISINCLINATION to ACTIVITY or EXERTION despite HAVING THE ABILITY TO DO SO..
and for me there's a fine line between laziness and not wanting to do something... hiks hiks..

and for me.. I have learn that being diligent pays.. Alhamdulillah.. boasting this is not.. but as i always believe.. that Islam emphasizes action. Believers are those who work, work hard and continue to work until the end.

But of course, the work must be done with the consciousness of Allah s.w.t.

:) so work hard people.. Insyallah, It pays.. if not here in the hereafter..

kerja itu amanah to oneself and to others..

hiks hiks nuff said.. but i have 1 problem.. sometimes.. i cant deliver during working hours (but i'll make sure i'll deliver within the schedule).. and i need to change this weird working hours of mine if i want to have family... but my work is not routine.. i dont do the same thing day in and day out.. *sigh*

both of us have this weird working hours.. i wonder how it would be when both of us have our little munchkins.. ahaks.. should be no problem staying up kot..

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