Wednesday, August 25, 2010


lately... macam tak bermaya jer... balik rumah.. terus bedebam!!! mengadap bantal2 dan katil tercinta.. ahaks.. and i will woke up at 3-4 in the morning and kemas rumah and siapkan sahur mana yang patut...

:p... aci? maybe im too tired with the office work! and all the travelling ...

masak pun.. tak seberapa... tak sempat lagi nak masak asam ayam... kekeke
decided tonight we will eat at hotel singgahsana again! kekekekek I have another three coupon to use.. and decided to bring along herol.. cian cian bini jauh.. kalau coupon ni byk mmg dah hangkut satu kampung.. kekekek

The professor in L**** University contacted me yesterday.. asking for my application letter for the phd studentship... the topic is good enough.. but i am not so interested in the studentship offered.. 14thousand pound a year that'll be used to pay the tuiton fees... which will left me about 3600pound for a whole year!! ahahahah mau makan apa ini??.. ah well apply dulu.. decide later..

ni city centre lincoln.. *Urgh* ahahah im very used to bustling city of glasgow.. i wonder if i can cope it here.. eceh.. baru send in application form.. *takpe takpe berangan tu takpe*

Im busy helping coordinating some lecture programme and a 3 day course on emtp .. :) hope everything will turn out alright.. we have quite a good response... the house is almost full!! yay!

yesterday i had a short meeting trip to kota kinabalu.. arrived kk at 10 am.. go through the report and attend a CRAZY meeting at 2.30... I am very disapointed sometimes.. with people who does not appreciate engineering.. who does not appreciate technical procedures... haish... commenting on logic will not help!!! *sigh*

and this person cannot differentiate between.. cannot be done.. and refuse to do! urghhhhhh malas nak citer... ahaks.. whatever it is.. landed KL at 8.30 tanpa kelibat baby.. ha!!! lambat lagi lah ni.. plus my arrival was ahead of schedule..

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