Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadhan is Here Again

My ramadhan
Alhamdulillah.. Allah still gave me a chance to savor this month of rahmah!

last year when i resorted to write on teraweeh.. I got a pretty decent comment from a typical reader who seems to enjoy being typical.. typical critical people.. see the world on the hate side..
Islam is not Taboo.. :) and i dont tend to keep hush-hush on my religion.. i am just human.. and i am not a good follower and still learning but i'm faithful.. and with that.. I pray that Allah will show me the correct way..

(so if somebody out there.. seems to sakit hati with an ibadat entry from a person who doesnt cover herself very well.. please feel free to look for the 'x' sign on the right of the window tap.. i think that will certainly help..)

anyway i dont write for the pleasure of others.. and to cater for audience need.. so here goes..

This year.. I tend to make my Ramadhan more fruitful.. to be a more faithful muslim in term of my prayer, to be a good daughter to my mom and dad and in-laws, to be a faithful wife to my husband and to learn to be a better person... Insya-Allah.

Hopefully.. dlm sibuk2 nak review about food and places to eat for berbuka.. I hope i will not forget what Ramadhan is all about..

Happy Ramadhan baby!!!

Food entry..

Alhamdulillah... this year marked my second year as a wife..

Hiks hiks.. semlm selamat lah masak ayam masak merah, sotong goreng kunyit and omelette's untuk sahur (urgh... berperang-perang ngan dapur.. at 4.45 in the morning) kekekke dgn dapur satu tungku.. aiseh.. mmg la bersilat..

hari ni.. alhamdulillah.. rezeki mama tapaukan ayam kurma, sayur goreng udang, kerabu pucuk paku and omellette's juga..

and whats for berbuka.. ahahah now this is called.. a wife dilemma!

I need to look for a recipe book .. if i were to cook everyday.. I will need to have variations.. *sigh*

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dari~ummie said...

salam singgah kak..=)
good to read your thought..i love it..;)