Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadhan and working as usual

kekke ramadhan and working as usual is very unusual.. this is the time i usually spend on reading new articles.. new journals.. sleeping under the table .. ahahahah but this year ramadhan is different..

Today is the first day im giving a course on engineering design analysis to a total of 25 engineers..*sigh* ~ dengan baby lupa nak pasang jam.. (again...) terus tak jadi nak masak pedas ayam.. ngan telur dadar for sahur.. *compom mlm ni akan ku masak ayam masak asam pedas tu before went to bed..*

my knees all went weak.. by 3 pm.. i dont think I have any saliva left in my mouth (yada yada exaggeration!) ahahahahaha anyway.. alhamdulillah.. the course went well.. another day tomorow.. a very responsive participant.. and I think I have grew to become quite a competent consultant as compared to 4 years ago.. eceh.. but of course.. i will need to work harder to improve on my knowledge.. *one do not want to be left behind.. hihi*

4 years ago i would fumbled fumbled ad fumbled on words..

haih.. next week.. im attending a meeting in kota kinabalu.. for a hydroelectric project done 3 years ago.. ahaks..( the report was just recently sent.. ) aiseh.. sedih betul..

anyway cant wait to go back to kemaman next week!!! weeeeee..... this weekend berbuka umah kak noni.. then balik kemaman!!! yay! boleh tgk baju raya.. *ibumertuasayawalaupundiagarangtapidiasgtbest* ~ iks iks.. ada 3 pasang.. ha hamek.. kekekekek 1 of the kain was a present from umi, 1 was the wedding present and 1 is a cotton bought in bandung!!! alhamdulillah..

As i said to hubby baby.. alhamdulillah.. this year is way better than last year.. in terms of most thing!!

perseverance pays alhamdulillah!

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