Saturday, November 01, 2008


new resolution!!!! 20 pounds in a month!!!! I can do it!!!! I am weighing at horrendous 140lbs!! i am FAT!! i gain 40lbs over the years! and i think loosing 20lbs in a month is manageable and achievable!!! *teeheeee

again my main problem is that i am lack of motivation.. so here's something i've think about to MOTIVATE meself!!!

1. That DRESS costs you RM1500 (yeah i know.. its not that expensive for some of you!! but hey RM1500 for a baju kurung is a LOT.. SO... while it last!!! PLEASE DO LOOK GOOD IN IT!!!!)

2. REMEMBER your LIFELONG RESOLUTION!!! TO LOOK FANTABULOUS AFTER you get married.. instead of BEFORE!! (i have always wanted to look like a sophisticated mummy .. and being single is a license to look comot and busuk and all ahahahahah)

so here's the plan!!
1. lemonade cleansing!!
2. softball training regime ( i always finds this works for me!! leg raise, star jumps and push ups)
3. calorie counting and bts

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