Thursday, November 27, 2008

Its not the best time to travel.. perhaps

i read too many disturbing news this morning... INDIA is under attack.. (huh.. blaming on the muslim extremist.. ) .. suvarnabhumi is closed (and poor bos is stranded ... ) and yerp.. heard news from my sister.. abg's nephew is terminally ill... (both of the kid's kidney no longer functions).. haih... it has shrunk into the size of a 50 cent!... Ya Allah.. i could not ask more than your mercy to aiman.. soo if any of you out there reading this post.. do pray for aiman's health.. and he is only 5!

I guess we are lucky enough.. rain and floods.. nothing that we cant manage at the moment... ahhahaha with all the clown politician.... glad that us malaysian.. talks louder than action.. I still believe that us Malaysian can take care of each other.. no matter what race we are.... no need to raise the flag up side down... to let people know that we are in distress.. no need for a road protest or bashing into other people's open houses.. kikikik i still believe that we are lucky.. and the land is still blessed... no need to ask the bilal to slow down on the morning lecture when we never asks our neighbour to stop putting up the coloks.. kikikik

life is too short.. enjoy it while we can.

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