Monday, November 03, 2008

2nd day...

today's mantra.. LESS is MORE.. LESS is MORE... hiks hiks

hish.. my day has been worst.. but looking at my premierleague results.. its nothing but humiliation and heartache!!stupi van persie on that red card!! and stupid emotional rooney... (ni sapa la plak nama sinner FC ni!!!) aaaa from number 5 i am at the bottom of five other guys... .. later in the days.. for sure baby will tell me that.. 'ha tulah.. org nak main.. dia nak main jugak!! errr.... rase nak jerit jer.. i taught u to how play tau uhuk uhuk...' ala boys mmg lah mcm tuh... bab bab game ni their intuition are always good!! and me! with my stupid believes, adamant that rooney will play well.. (habis jual sume org.. nak beli rooney punyer pasal) I am going to sell you!!!! no matter what.. duit tgh byk nih ahaks... nak beli ronaldo plak!! hihihih....

i gave up on many things lately.. i dont know why... its so un-me! i will try to find out why.. i almost gave up on arsenal!! demmit!! play well lah! ngan hull pon kalah.. stoke pon kalah.. (pray! prya! next week wont get humiliated by man u!! ) (sian pok asing.. dah tejatuh lagi tercangkung tgk.. the BUNNIES plays... )

anyway.. anyway... my project french lace is going on well!! really well... (can feel my stomach cam sakit2 hasil dari sit up yang betul dan berjaya.. mueheheheheh).. i dont even cam sedih2 like before teringat kat nasi... hihihi .. 'pas dah ok ni nasi.. i will eat you again.. with great appreciation and cautious'!...

mommimonstah call tadi asking me to buy few things for my ungrateful brother.. haih.. nak buat camne.. like baby said lah.. i ni perasan i ni baik n betul kekekeek..
i got something for him..

i will marry him.. my best friend,
the one i laugh with and cry with,
the one i learn from and share with,
the one i have chosen to support and encourage..
the one that i dream with and
for the rest of my life

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