Wednesday, November 05, 2008

well.. i wrote bout him not two months ago..

I have had a good hunched when i saw his candidacy speech sumwhere in september! i was in abang's living hall in JAkarta! i saw him on the telly.. standing there.. and he was soo convincing!! ahaks.. and today.. he is the first black american to be the president of the United State of America,... congratulations president obama!

i'm living in history... the computer, mobile phones and obama! hiks hiks anyway.. i am not really hoping that he would make a 360deg change to american policy! but i am hoping.. (with a slight wish) that atleast he could release the x-ray camp war detainees which american had held captured for sumtimes and finally shows us that there is still glimpse of hope for war-free united world!!

anyway.. malaysian prime minister.. has won his place.. without even an election! ekekeke that is somthing to be wowed at!!!!


Project French lace is doing good!! ahaks.. but i think i need to cut on the lunch intake!!!! so stop taking all the fishes and ayam!! i need to go to tesco and get me some apples.. if i'd ever get hungry in the afternoon i should get myself an apple!! instead of eating those fattening food!! dah day 6 without rice ( i have cheated last week when i consumed a lil bit ofnasi on friday) so i need to start from square 1!!


sanchez7 said...

y dun u try diet mcm emily (devil wears prada). "I don't eat at all but when I feel like fanting I eat a small amount of cheese." hehehe mesti mati kelaparan kamu.

7's baby said...

bluwek!! miahahahaah .. dah la mlm tadi terpedaya!! i ate ayam!! at 9.30 pm!! benkok denjeres was superb!