Saturday, November 08, 2008

saturday @ aps

i am at my ofice currently!!! gosh!!! its been sumtyimes dah tak lepak office buat kerja nih! hiks hiks.. a good start tho! cuz i think i need to work a lil bit more harder!but i am preparing course material for monday's training in Penang! hiks hiks.. i dont look forard for the training tho! i will be stuck in the training room!! and sit and sit and sit! i am trying to buy me self a stepper machine to be put at APS so that i can do some light exercise during the lunch!! anyway anyway!!! tonite!! THE TERROR 'bunnies (hiks hiks)' will go against the RED DEVILS... aaaaaaarghhhhhh sakit perut bile memikirkan nyer...

i got no player at all.. no adebayor.. no van persie.. no stupid walcott!!!

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