Thursday, November 27, 2008

OMG... i'm in love.... with robert pattinson

the sexiest movie evah!... and robert pattinson is a real heartthrob! i'm in love... the way he played edward cullen was soo convincing!.. i was grinning ear to ear.. just listening to the way he talks to bella swan... haih.. sooo adorably handsome!!!
i was in love with cedric diggory.. and when baby called me yesterday saying that he will be playing in twilight.. and suggested us to checked out the film.. i knew i could say not to!
the movie was... sweet! ahaks...
i am sooo in love!... not that i dont love you no more baby... but i could always squeeze another one... miahahhahahahaahahaha
i am sooo gonna watch the movie twilight again... gonna take mommy to c it.
and yep... bought new moon.. the sequel of twilight... just cant wait to read whats next!.. haih....
love love love

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